How we design our products

I'm still kicking it old school around here with pencils, pens and graph paper. All the Designs for Greeting Cards, Art Prints and Weddings are 100% done by hand, by me!

I sketch out my designs, clean them up on paper and then scan them into Adobe Software for all the finishing touches. I bounce between color mediums, using both Watercolor and Digital color to bring the designs to life. 

I have still not made the leap into using Pro Create, but, hope to soon! 

Wedding Design Process

Whether you are choosing to buy one of our pre-designed templates from the wedding collection, or we are starting from scratch, you can be sure that your wedding invitations will be one of a kind.
I hand-letter, illustrate and paint every aspect of our designs. You will have multiple opportunities to share your vision (and vision boards!) and see each step of my design process as it happens. Nothing ships to a bride/groom without them having seen, edited, reseen and ok-ed the final touches. 
We pride ourselves on effective communication, and offer text updates with photos of your project along the way.
For custom wedding suites, we offer a limited number of spots per year, so you can be sure that when your design is scheduled, you will be the first and only priority for us.

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